Nick Harkaway

Novelist, European, wild-eyed black sky dreamer, husband, dad, oenophile, biathlon fan

Born in Truro, England. Based in London, England, UK

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Born in Cornwall in '72, educated London and Cambridge, degree in philosophy and social and political science, worked in film but ultimately couldn't stand the way the industry works, wrote my first novel in 2006/7 (The Gone-Away World). Married, two kids, delerious and usually sleep-deprived (me, not them, although: kids). Winner: Oxfam Emerging Writers Prize at the Hay Festival, the Red Tentacle at the Kitchies. Occasional futurologist and gleefully erroneous prognosticator. Books: The Gone-Away World, Angelmaker, Tigerman. Non-fic: The Blind Giant. New novel, working title "Gnomon", coming next year from Knopf and William Heinemann. 

According to one critic, I'm a British Humanist Speculative Godgame Mimetic Novelist. Most others just balk at putting me in a box.

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Tigerman, 2014, William Heinemann

Angelmaker, 2012, William Heinemann

The Blind Giant, 2012, John Murray

The Gone-Away World, 2008, William Heinemann