New Writing North

Innovative, energetic, enterprising, co-operative, regional, socially motivated, writer-centred, ambitious, outward-looking 

3 Ellison Terrace, Ellison Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE18ST, +44 (0)1912 048 850

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We work with new writers and seek out talent across the North of England.

We also work with established writers, often in ways that allow them the freedom to experiment and grow creatively.

We are inspired by new ideas and commission and support new writing across all art forms.

We work to nurture the next generation of writers.

VISIT website

International Priorities

We are working with Writers Centre West in Gothenburg to put together a European project to support writer's mobility and translation across a number of European countries. We have a long-running collaboration with literary partners in the West of Sweden.

Key Strengths

We have worked on a number of international projects including a writer's residency and translation project with Bulgarian writers which resulted in a duel language publication and UK tour and a project with the Russian publisher Glass which saw us collaborate on a new collection of Russian short stories and tour Russian writers across UK literature festivals. As we are both a talent development organisation and a festival and event producer we have a wide network of contacts across the UK and the skills to produce complex and substantial projects. We are also committed and active in the field of work with young writers and are keen to connect this work and share good practice outside of the UK. 

Seeking Partnerships With

We are interested in partners who would like to run co-operative projects to support writer's to visit and spend time in each other's countries, to produce translated works and publications and to share activities that can be presented or commissioned for festivals in the UK and internationally. Through our young people's work we are interested in widening the networks and experiences of the young people that we work with and in sharing approaches to our work in this area and from learning from others. 

Purpose of Partnerships

We're interested in supporting writers to create new work whether that be through commissions, publications, residencies, performances or digitally.