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Flat 2, 11 Aldridge Road Villas, London, W11 1BL +44(0)20 7221 1948

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5x15 is one of London's leading cultural events organisations. Since 2009, it has been curating and producing evenings of intellectual entertainment throughout London and abroad. 5x15 has worked with a wide variety of speakers, including Emma Watson, Gloria Steinem, Sandi Toksvig, Jamie Oliver, Joanna Lumley, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson, to name just a few. 5x15 has also delivered events for a number of leading organisations and charities, such as the human rights organisation Liberty, The Helen Bamber Foundation, Artichoke, Land Rover and Selfridges.

VISIT website

International Priorities

5x15 is open to partnerships. It exists as franchises in Paris and Milan and has produced events in New York, Mumbai, Sydney, Vancouver and Dublin.  

Key Strengths

Over the past 8 years, 5x15 have been curating and producing high quality evenings of intellectual entertainment for public audiences, as well as for commercial and non-profit clients. We have built up a following of over 15,000 people and have worked with over 500 of the most high-profile speakers in the UK and beyond. 5x15 have also launched international franchises in Milan, Paris and New York. Our strength lies in the thoughtful curation of live events that drive engagement, conversation and, ultimately, understanding.

Seeking Partnerships With

In addition to developing commercial partnerships internationally, 5x15 is open to building relationships with the world's leading cultural festivals and institutions.

Purpose of Partnerships

Ultimately, we seek to bring intelligent conversation into the mainstream, and to provide a platform for individuals seeking to make a better world.