Ross Sutherland

Exploring new forms across poetry, theatre, film and radio

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Based in Peterborough, England, UK

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I have four collections of poetry, published in the UK. My love of poetry informs all my work as a playwright and filmmaker.

My latest play, Party Trap, is a single hour-long palindrome, telling the story of a journalist who finds his own words turned against him.

My documentary, Stand-By For Tape Back-Up, was adapted from my previous stage show. The film won the Grand Jury prize for Experimental Film at BAFICI, Argentina.

I produce the experimental storytelling podcast, Imaginary Advice (Best Fiction Podcasts; The Telegraph). My radio work appears regularly on BBC Radio 4. 

"Stand by For Tape Back UP" Ross Sutherland at EVP from Mercy on Vimeo.

'No More Questions' - poem created for the BBC, by cutting up a recording of journalist John Humphreys

'Imagine' - translation project, inspired by the John Lennon song


Pythagoras in 60 Seconds from Ross Sutherland on Vimeo.

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Party Trap, 2016, Imaginary Advice

Emergency Window, 2012, Penned in the Margins

Hyakuretsu Kyaku, 2011, Penned in the Margins

Twelve Nudes, 2010, Penned in the Margins

Things To Do Before You Leave Town, 2009, Penned in the Margins