Lefa Singleton Norton

Founder, Women in Literary Arts Australia

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Lefa is a writer and creative producer from Melbourne, Australia. Her work is informed by her experiences as a person with a disability and a feminist.

Summary of work

After getting a start as the editor of a university newspaper and in street press, Lefa went on to start publications The Pun and The Pundit, which published news and reviews of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne International Film Festival in print and online. She writes about comedy, literature and feminism and has produced events for comedy, fringe and literature festivals all over Australia. In 2015 she founded Women in Literary Arts Australia.

Summary of work to develop

The challenges facing women writers all over the world have many points of confluence and similarities. In Australia we are a long way from gender parity in all aspects of literature - from sales figures to media coverage of women writers - but have seen genuinely exciting inroads in the last five years. I want to be a part of creating more diverse and representative literary community, focusing on women and the intersections of other marginalised voices such as people of colour, LGBTI and writers with a disability. I would like to develop better networks between women writers across the globe to enable us to learn from each other how best to tackle gender inequality in literature.



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