Youlya Vronskaya

Head of International Projects, Leo Tolstoy Museum & Estate Yasnaya Polyana

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I was born in Tula, Russia to a family who had been living in this town for a long time. I graduated from Tula State Teaching University (Foreign Languages Department). I have been working as Head of International Projects at Leo Tolstoy Museum & Estate for more than 7 years.

My main interests are books and travelling. I am also keen on running, swimming, cross-country and downhill skiing.

Summary of work

At Leo Tolstoy Museum I am mainly responsible for contemporary literature and edutainment events for local community and big international cultural projects. One of the significant parts of my work is coordinating Yasnaya Polyana Book Award, one of the biggest book awards in Russia. I will also mention two big projects I was in charge of.

  1. Karenina Live, a 36-hour online reading marathon of Leo Tolstoy's epic novel Anna Karenina which was launched together with Google and was live broadcast on YouTube. The reading featured the voices of over 700 Russian speakers from across the world, as well as a number of prominent Russian figures.
  2. Tolstoy & Twain Teens. Cultural exchange between teenagers from Russia and the USA focused on the issues of teenage years and the power they have over time and location boundaries. The program was based on Tolstoy's and Twain's books and encouraged participants to reflect on both coming-of-age books and their own experience of growing up. 

Summary of work to develop

I am looking forward to improving management and promotion of the Yasnaya Polyana Book Award and finding new topics and authors for British Literature Today Seminar we are organising annually together with British Council. 



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