Roman Simić

Artistic director/editor/writer, Festival of the European Short Story

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Roman Simić (Zadar, 1972) has published three award-winning collections of short stories in Croatian. 2015 saw a selection of his stories published in English under the title A Frame for the Family Lion. His children’s book, Baba Yaga and Giant Oblivion, was selected by the Croatian Ministry of Culture as one of the 20 best Croatian books published in 2015. His books have been translated into German, English, Macedonian, Polish, Slovenian and Spanish, and his texts have been included in various anthologies. Simić works as an editor at Fraktura Publishing and for the past 15 years has been the director of the Festival of the European Short Story. He previously served as the editor of Quorum, one of Croatia’s leading literary magazines.

Summary of work

Translated into various languages, my short stories form part of various anthologies of the contemporary Croatian prose, and two of my recent collections were awarded important Croatian literary prizes. Being the founder and - for 16th years now - artistic director of one of the most prestigious literary festivals in Croatia (Festival of the European Short Story), editor at Fraktura publishing house, and at various literary magazines - I am taking part at various aspects of the literary life in Croatia, as a presenter of the international literary voices within our cultural space, but also as a presenter of the Croatian literary scene abroad. 

Summary of work to develop

I am interested in learning about UK based and international literary projects and networks we could connect with, for the new authors and their work, and moreover for the possibilities to link and establish cooperation both as a festival director, editor and a writer. I hope this meeting would get me closer to British authors and professionals from the field of literature, and that it would be a starting point for the new projects involving translations, participation at literary events, and getting our literary scenes closer one to another. 



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