Oksana Shchur

Literature Program Curator, Mystetskyi Arsenal

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Oksana Shchur was born in 1986 in Ukraine. Literature Program Curator at the Mystetskyi Arsenal National Cultural-Arts and Museum Complex (since 2017). Literary critic. Before - editor-in-chief of Osnovy Publishers (2015-2016), before that - editor-in-chief of Komora Publishing House (2013-2015). Studied literature at the National University 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' (M.A.).

Summary of work

Now I am curator of Literature Laboratory at Mystetskyi Arsenal which is a project for integration and development of Ukrainian and foreign writers, translators, book designers, publishing managers. As literary critic I am also writing columns about contemporary literary and book publishing process and reviews of the newest Ukrainian books for the Ukrainian sources (Ukrainian Weekly magazine, Ukrainska Pravda.Culture, LitAkcent, TSN.ua/books,  Korydor.in.ua).  

Summary of work to develop

Foreign experience of literature programmes is very important for me because LitLab of the Mystetskyi Arsenal is the first big project of such type in Ukraine, within the framework of state institution. This project is international so I need networking with the cultural managers and artists from another countries - not only for studying their experience but also for collaboration in future.  



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