Gizem Ozguven

Festival Program Manager, ITEF - Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival

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Gizem Ozguven is the Festival Programme Manager of Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival, the first international literature festival in Turkey. Prior to this she was a Legambiente Fellow in Perugia, Italy where she conducted as a volunteer in nonprofit community. She studied English Language and Literature at Istanbul University and she is currently working on Communication and Media Studies. 

Summary of work

Execute a timeline and workplan for the management of the festival. Oversee all aspects of programming the festival, both curatorial and administrative, including working with volunteer programming committees. Oversee the coordination of guest authors/fellows travel and local transportation. Research, outreach to, and negotiate with sponsors; see to the fulfillment of sponsor agreements. Responsible for the implementation of the strategy and the management of the budget.

Summary of work to develop

ITEF is the only international literature festival in Turkey that has achieved sustainability and has proven itself sedulously in 10 years. Bestselling titles of English literature have been always well-known by Turkish readers, but we want to focus on new names from English literature with whom Turkish readers have not acquainted yet. Our main objective is to fill the deficiency and increase the visibility of new voices from English literature in ITEF's 10th year. We want to develop know-how network projects that we promote from English literature in ITEF platform where all literature groups and Turkish readers will take place.



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