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Innovative live literary events for the raffish and overread

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The Special Relationship is a London-based non-profit organisation that produces live literature events. We like to collaborate/integrate/mix with other artistic forms (e.g. illustration, video, music, set design, dance, theatre) to create memorable events that celebrate the written word.

'Readings shouldn't be boring'

Our aims are to promote, encourage, support and celebrate the literary arts and its practitioners in the United Kingdom and beyond by developing unique literary events that include the participation of under-represented individuals and groups, local communities and other charitable organisations.

Read Jarred McGinnis' provocation about the state of live literature.

Find out about a four day live reading of Moby Dick in the UK put together specially for the 2015 festival:

VISIT website

International Priorities

We are currently developing a new show for 2017.

Key Strengths

The ability to create large-scale ambitious live literature such as last year's 'Moby-Dick Unlimited', a 4-day live unabridged reading of Herman Melville's 'Moby-Dick' in partnership with the Southbank Centre as part of the London Literature Festival.

Seeking Partnerships With

We are seeking partnerships with artists, organisations, publishers and venues that want to push the boundaries of literature as a live event. We want to talk to people who seek to enthuse readers by creating a space where they can celebrate their passion for the written word.

Purpose of Partnerships

Most importantly, we want to put on a good show that the audience will enjoy and remember. We want to demonstrate that in the 21st century saturated with multimedia, multiscreen experiences that literature still has the power to enthral.

Commissions & Articles

The Event's the Thing

A provocation from Jarred McGinnis, co-founder of The Special Relationship.