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Quality literature events for all: crossing genres, borders ... and expectations

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Speaking Volumes Live Literature Productions works with local, national and international writers,  curating diverse events which appeal far beyond the usual literary establishment. Utilising our wide knowledge and experience, we organise events across the UK and beyond to bring both upcoming and established artists to live audiences. From theatres to open air stages, universities to pubs, bookshops to clubs and festivals, our vision is for people everywhere to feel the joy that literature can bring, regardless of ethnicity, class, nationality, religion, gender ... and for writers around the world, big or small, to connect with that potential readership. 

VISIT website

International Priorities


Breaking Ground - an international showcasing project to take British black, Asian and minority ethnic writers to four European countries (Finland, Spain, Germany, Lithuania) and to continue touring the USA after successful visits in 2015-16.


Ongoing organisation of individual writer events/tours - including UK writers performing in the UK and abroad and international writers performing in the UK.


Ongoing partnerships with the Europe-wide AfroEuropes network and with the international academic Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diasporas.

Key Strengths

  1. Intrinsically diverse and inclusive programming, platforming both big names (from Ngugi wa Thiong'o to Caryl Phillips) and emerging writers;
  2. Successful event curation and management across big and small projects and tours, venues and countries;
  3. Always deliver on budget and on time;
  4. The ability to form new partnerships nationally and internationally which last;
  5. A strong team who work well together and who bring different talents to the table;
  6. The ability to come up with many new ideas for literary events and the vision to see them through - including challenging the usual formats of 'panels' and readings so often seen at literary festivals;
  7. Mentoring and looking after writers to allow them the space to focus on their work


Breaking Ground (taking British black, Asian and minority ethnic writers on tour) - Europe and USA are the areas we are working in right now but we'd be happy to explore further afield and to expand the programme to include exchanges of writers etc. We are open to ideas!

Seeking Partnerships With

  1. International organisations/venues who are interested in a showcase type show and who have good national networks to help to build tours for groups of writers - and who have access to funds/funding streams to contribute to this;
  2. International, national and local festivals who are keen to step outside the box and programme diverse writers or those who may not simply have a new book out or be known;
  3. Writers from the UK and abroad who have a vision for a tour/show that we can take on and run with.

Purpose of Partnerships

  1. We'd like to build up the profile of both Speaking Volumes and the writers/partners/venues we work with so that everyone can benefit from the increased interest that results from the partnership, leading to more work in the future for all of us.
  2. We would like to have sustained relationships with our partners, leading to a regular exchange of knowledge and ideas.
  3. We would hope that the partnerships enable us to open doors at a time when barriers are going up around the world and tolerance is decreasing.