Scottish Poetry Library

SPL is Scotland's national centre for poetry

5 Crichton's Close, Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8DT, +44 (0)1315 572 876

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SPL aims to:

  • Provide a unique national resource centre of recognised excellence for poetry
  • Enable as wide an audience as possible to access the pleasures and benefits of poetry
  • Nurture creative language and reading skills
  • Engage with the national and international community, building a worldwide audience for Scottish poetry, and building an audience for international poetry in Scotland

You can listen to a whole range of podcasts on the Scottish Poetry Library website.

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International Priorities

Key Strengths

We programme a spring and autumn events programme showcasing international and Scottish poets through reading events, translations workshops and writer development activities. We also administer the programme for the National poet of Scotland, Jackie Kay - who is open to international opportunities. Our current projects include National Poetry Day, Poetry By Heart (schools recital competition), Living Voices (older people) and Tools of the Trade (an anthology for graduating doctors).

Seeking Partnerships With

We are keen to promote opportunities for Scottish poets to participate in arts and literary festivals, writing residencies and peer-to-peer professional development 

Purpose of Partnerships

Co-created work (for example film poems), new translations of Scottish poetry, new live audiences for Scottish spoken work performers.