Manchester Literature Festival

Showcase of best new writing from around the world

The Department Store, 5 Oak Street, Manchester, M4 5JD, +44 (0)161 832 5502

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Manchester Literature Festival (MLF) presents an eclectic programme of celebrated authors, new commissions and international exchanges in unique settings across the city. Our main objectives are:

  • To bring to Manchester the very best in contemporary writing from across the world.
  • To commission and showcase innovative literature from established and emerging writers.
  • To provide opportunities for writers to experiment with new media in the production and presentation of their work.
  • To provide inspirational opportunities for children and young people to experience high- quality live literature and engage in creative writing and reading activities.
  • To provide thoughtful and life-enriching opportunities for local people to participate in an exciting range of creative and educational activities.
  • To promote Manchester as a hub for international cultural exchange and establish ourselves as a key attraction for visitors to the city.
VISIT website

International Priorities

We are currently working in partnership with Karachi Literature Festival on the co-curation of a programme of events in each other's festivals.

Key Strengths

The Festival has quadrupled in size since it started in 2006 and we have been highly praised by audiences, the media and industry peers for our imaginative and high quality programming.

The Festival attracts a diverse audience of very mixed ages and backgrounds. We focus on imaginative writing (fiction, poetry and creative memoir) and are committed to showcasing new as well as established writers and programme a strand of World Literature events dedicated to literature in translation. 

Seeking Partnerships With

We are keen to build partnerships with international festivals and publishers, through both live events and online interaction.

Purpose of Partnerships

We are keen to raise the profile of MLF and northern writers internationally and foster cross cultural dialogue between writers and audiences.