Dead Ink Books

A small, ambitious and experimental literary publisher based in Liverpool

Northern Lights, Mann Street, Liverpool, L8 5AF +44(0)7779 647409

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We believe that there are brilliant authors out there who may not yet be known or commercially viable. We see it as Dead Ink's job to bring the most challenging and experimental new writing out from the underground and present it to our audience in the most beautiful way possible.

VISIT website

International Priorities

Northern Fiction Alliance, partnership with translations rights agency Linwood Messina.

Key Strengths

At Dead Ink Books we take raw UK talent and help shape these writers into professional debut authors, ready for an international platform, through specialist training. As a result, we publish engaging fiction from new and emerging authors who are able to compete on an international level.

Seeking Partnerships With

With eleven books due for release in the next year, we are looking for partners who can help us reach new territories, new mediums and new audiences. These would include film and TV options, as well as tech and online collaborations.

Purpose of Partnerships

We are open to all discussions but would be particularly interested by work focussing on innovation, new media and cross-platform approaches.