Comma Press

Non-profit independent publisher based in Manchester specialising in short stories

Studio 510a, Hope Mill, 113 Pollard Street, Manchester, M4 7JA, +44 (0)7792 564 747

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Comma Press is a not-for-profit publishing initiative dedicated to promoting and developing new writing (within and beyond formal educational settings), with an emphasis on short narrative forms.

We are committed to a spirit of risk-taking and challenging publishing, free of the commercial pressures on mainstream houses.

VISIT website

International Priorities

  • Northern Fiction Alliance showcasing and assisting publishers in Northern England to sell their rights and gain international recognition
  • Reading the City series
  • Science Into Fiction series
  • Continued success in the rights market
  • Continue to bring more translated fiction to English reading audiences for the first time

Key Strengths

International outlook, emphasis on new, forward thinking, championing alternative forms and genres, digital companions to hard copy books. Working with organisations that have an international outlook, that are forward thinking and champion alternative forms and genres and technological advancement.

Seeking Partnerships With

  • Similar ethos and goals to ourselves
  • Digital companions to hard copy books 
  • Organisations with a similar ethos and goals to ourselves' and 'Innovating digital companions to our books

Purpose of Partnerships

Further our short story courses, workshops, collections, continue to bring in funding for projects, advance digitally, collaborate. To be supportive to each other in creative ventures, to develop established projects such as our short story courses, events and collections while also coming up with new ideas, collaborating to develop the digital side of Comma and to organically grow the Northern Fiction Alliance network.