Sadaf Saaz

Director & Producer, Dhaka Literary Festival, and poet & writer

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Sadaf Saaz is a poet, writer, entrepreneur and women’s rights advocate. She grew up in the UK, and now lives in Dhaka, where she is involved in a range of initiatives as a cultural activist and curator. She is a festival director and the producer of the annual Dhaka Literary Festival (previously Hay Festival Dhaka), which she co-founded in 2011.  She is Managing Director of Jatrik, an Arts Management organization, which curates and produces productions, events and festivals. She also runs an Ethical fashion manufacturing business. She is a trustee of Shadhona, a non-profit centre of South Asian culture.   

Summary of work

Sadaf Saaz is the author of a collection of poems Sari Reams, published by UPL in 2013. Her monologues based on Bangladeshi women’s experiences, 'Je Kotha Jai Na Bola' (That which cannot be said), has been performed in various locations in Bangladesh. Her work has also appeared in various anthologies, and international journals including Wasafiri, Index on Censorship, Critical Muslim, Weber and Bengal Lights. She has also recited her poetry in various events in UK, Germany, India, Pakistan, Australia and Bangladesh. She is currently working on a novel.

Summary of work to develop

Wish to have collaborations between UK and Bangladesh, in theatre productions, perhaps through some of the stories of the pluralist and syncretic heritage of Bangladesh, to encourage tolerance, diversity and dialogue, and to fight fundamentalisms and bigotry. Also wish to engage with writers to bring the best minds to Dhaka to collaborate with or inspire young writers in Dhaka, through Dhaka Literary Festival, to have exchange of ideas and help young writers to develop their art. To continue efforts to counter pressures on freedom of expression, ensuring creative expression in poetry, theatre and literary fiction and non fiction.



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