Hanaa Al-Bayati

University Professor, University of Basrah


Lecturer in Dept. of Translation (2013 to present)
Head of Dept. of Translation (2012-2013)
Head of English Department (2011-2012)
Manager of College Library (2009-2011 &1980)
Instructor, English Department, College of Arts
Basrah University (1989-2011)                      
Jordanian Universities, Jerash and Maan (2000-2005)


Comparative Poetry (English/Arabic) Ph. D. in English literature in the 19th century
Glasgow, University, Britain, 1989
Title of thesis: "Keats, Shelley and Byron in Nazik AlMalaikah's Poetry, supervised by Prof. Cronin and Prof.  Mattock (the late)"

Higher Diploma in Librarianship, Al-Mustansyriah, University, Baghdad, 1980
Title of Thesis: The Library of College of Arts; A field Study, supervised by prof. Abdul-Rahaman Abdul-Jabbar (the late)

B. A. in English Language and Literature, English Dept., College of Arts, Basrah university, Iraq, 1978

Summary of work

I have worked in many fields: Comparative Literature, Woman Poetry, Children Literature, Poetry Translation, Postcolonial Literature, Fiction.
I taught English Poetry for 20 years. I also taught Fiction and Drama. Nowadays  I am teaching Literary Translation for the students of the Dept. of Translation.

7 books were issued from 2011-2017:

(A) In English:

1. The Tree of Poetry: A Poetic Collection in English, Dar Al-Kutub, Basrah, 2012.
This collection is originally a competition held at The Dept. of English, College of Arts, University of Basrah.

2. Rose Buds:  A Poetic Collection in English, written, edited, and shared by Dr Hana Al-Bayyati with Highschool students and College students of the Dept. of English., College of Arts,  The University of Basrah

Translation works:

(A) into English:

3. The Central Library Guide, University of Glasgow, 1989.

4. Three chapters in ELF Writer's Extracts, Kurdish, Arabic and United Kingdom Writers, supervised by the British Council for Arbil Second Literature Festival, Jan., 2013.

5. Shakespeare and I: Diwan Al-Qasurah The Pomage Anthology; a Collection of Arabic poems on Shakespearean Drama, translated by Nuas Basim (20 poems), and I (25 poems) with images of selective Shakespearean dramatic scenes, participated in Basra Forum "Shakespeare lives in Basrah", 2016.

(B) into Arabic:

6. A Poetic Selection from English Poetry in Different Centuries, Dar Al- Amal Al-Jadidah, Syria, 2017.

7. "Pouh Adrad, Diwan  Rasif  Al-Mahud  Aththaqafi wa 'lnaqdi" (ُُEdentate Revelation; a Collection of Arabic Poems by the Poets of the website " Al-Mahud's Cultural and Critical Sidewalk  ), 2 vol. (2016 & 2017)

Summary of work to develop

Creative Writing in both English and Arabic, as well as  Poetry Translation. I would like to be aware of The Contemporary English Poetry and its influence on the Arab Poets. I have participated in Creative Writing Workshops for Basrah Women writers, under the patronage of  The German Goethe Institute, as well as Writing Workshops held in the American Embassy in Basrah. I also supervised four Poetry Writing and Translating workshops for the Students of the  Dept. of English and the dept. of Translation. I have already achieved many Literary Translation works. Recently I have written five short stories. I am looking forward to translating them. Four  books are forthcoming:

  1. Comparative Literature in the World Universities (in Arabic)
  2. My First Poetic Anthology in Two Languages.
  3. Poetic Flashes in Arabic and English.
  4. A Selection of Contemporary Arabic Poems, translated into English. 



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