You Show Me Yours

An ILS & Melbourne Digital Writers' Festival collaboration

You Show Me Yours is a collaborative project between the Digital Writers' Festival and the International Literature Showcase, which pairs up five writers from the UK and five from Australia to create...something. It might be a discussion on YouTube, a series of emails, or a picture conversation - here's what happened.

Lucy and Rebecca

Rebecca Lawn is originally from York and now lives in Cardiff. Lucy Adams is originally from Perth and now lives in Melbourne. They edit literary magazines. They spoke via email.


Hiya Rebecca,

It’s lovely to e-meet you!

I’m keen to hear about what you do at the Cardiff Review. How did you find your way into editing?


Hi Lucy,

Lovely to e-meet you, too! Looking forward to finding out how your experiences at Voiceworks compare to ours here.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and been a bit of a stickler for grammar and spelling! I used to read lots of magazines as a kid and teenager, and never really stopped. Since leaving university I’ve been working in journalism. I learnt to sub-edit when I was a staff writer for a newspaper in France. And then a few years ago I did the MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff University, and that’s where I learnt to give feedback on other people’s work and to edit creative pieces. I think those two experiences combined have helped me to hone my editing skills, but I always feel there’s more to learn. I feel very privileged to be in the position I am in now, especially when we get to publish writers for the first time.

How about you?

Megan and David

Megan Vaughan is a writer, blogger, curator and zinemaker based in London. David Finnigan is a writer, theatre-maker and pharmacy assistant from Canberra with no fixed address. They both happened to be in London during the Digital Writers’ Festival. They sat down and had this chat.

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Una and Sarah

Una is a Yorkshire based artist, writer and educator. Sarah Howell is a Melbourne-based cartoonist and educator. They make graphic novels. They called each other over the internet.

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Emily and Ben

Emily is an author, speaker, innovator and the CEO/editor of the Story City GPS app. Ben is a theatre maker, designer and writer. They are both interested in how we tell stories about cities, in cities – both real and imagined. They spoke via Google Hangouts and tried to find a way to bring their projects together.

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