By Harry Josephine Giles

This piece was commissioned as part of the ILS' 'Crossing Borders' series.

each mourning i pull 5 fyne blades akross
the taught sirfaces of my body in faith
i’ll luk less cockatrice 2 myself & mor
sumthn placid-passing 2u & this mourning
eye woke at 3:24am tryn
2 decree wether or not it wud bare fruit
2 rite a blog post under me own own name
or 1 o the divers names that sit half-fittn
on me wingèd sholders abt how there's no
necessaryo ntologicalc ontradicti onbetweent hehistoric
alanalysis ofgenderasa classsyste mevenaccou nting4thee
pistemicli mitsoftotal isinganaly sis&myactu allyexisti
-ng materiocultural sellf which wayghed
as much ghold as the 5 blades mor or less


on daze on whitch i sirmise it is plausible
2 meat another body’s i eye must
deduce wether or knot to correkt or b
correkted on how the luminiferous aether bounded
by the tort & dry sirfaces o me body
& by me bloody cloes shd b perseived
& the basis o this deduction is weather it'll b
bludier to make publick that hott friction
atween sphear & sphear or bluddier to leave abrasion
unakcnowledged & pumpid fae hart 2 hart
& whenever i don't have 2 chooze i coold gulp 4 pleisure
& these wirds abt whitch i am deciding r no
more than 4 lettrs long & hae the longest
lexical entries whitch i woold gladly burn


there is also u learn i lurn a cistem in clohthing
wear if u excede i excede a sirtain score
the probability o violence enacted on the taut
dry & iching surfaces o me body
on a luminous day exseeds 50%
& so let said scor be 10 then a dress woold b
10 points while hottpants & a strappie topp r in
-dividually wirth 5 eatch & make-up 4
& earrings 4 & leggns 6 & a haircut
applize a multiplier effekt and u
can't i can't no whither or naught u i wish
2 where or groh breasts bcos your me boddy growls
or 2 mayke it easier 2 score thru your me war
-drobe when blanking the tub o old shirts on the flor


what i am tryn 2 spell is thare is a choyce
on the tought dri itchn and brused surfaces
o me boddy 2 keep gohn 2 weight or 2 tern back
& this choice is breath 2 breath contact 2 contact
& what is ment by the word "&r$n%!&!)n" witch word
decodes me werds is not necessarily or ever
a leap atween nailed staytes but a contrivance
o choosn or being chosn 4 in witch
it's opaque how the choyce is maid or wot
it is that causes u 2 bleed wake up
look smell rite wrong exude greenish smohk
buy cloths tweat breathe flick homonculi
from ur hair or wether the pill u slip under
ur tongue is what keeps u alive or keeps u from living

Image by Gregg Montesi