Pitch for new funding from the ILS Collection

Round Two now open

We invite proposals from artists to bid for creative commissions each worth up to £2,500 which explore how literature is written, translated, presented, mediated or expanded online. This open call has a deadline of 8 March 2017.

What are meaningful and creative ways to experiment with the possibilities the internet presents for the written word? How might we move beyond the reproduction of the printed page yet avoid the techno-fetishism associated with much ‘cross-media’ work? And how can we ensure that artistic integrity remains central to any exploration of new technologies?

We are interested in creative proposals for how a global technology might articulate a common language, and how the economies of the internet – a widely dispersed and remote audience, the relative poverty of the experience of reading or watching online, the emphasis on ‘content’ and consumption, the opportunities for true mass distribution – affect the work itself, and the artist’s relationship with the audience. From here, one central practical question we are keen to address is that of how technology can help literature travel.

What to send us

We welcome artistic ideas both around the formats and means of distribution – relating to online platforms themselves – and those focused on new writing specifically, but all proposals should tackle issues around the specific space and language of the internet. Please include the following:

  1. An explanation of your intended approach in up to 500 words
  2. An up-to-date CV
  3. Details of / links to previous projects, where relevant
  4. A draft budget and
  5. A draft timescale demonstrating the feasibility of your proposal

Three commissions, each of £2,500, will be awarded. Two were selected from the first call, and will launch on the ILS website in the next month.

Further details

Proposals should be sent to ILS@writerscentrenorwich.org.uk

Proposals can be from artists, individuals or organisations based anywhere in the world.

The proposal must be for an original piece of work, though it may be based on an existing piece of page-writing.

We are particularly keen to receive applications that can be presented as part of a gathering or festival.

Finished pieces must exist in English but proposals should contain clear guidelines of how they might be translatable.

The commission must be able to be presented on the ILS platform at litshowcase.org but should also be able to travel to festivals and other contexts globally.

Deadline for proposals: 8 March 2017

A selection panel will commission three proposals, to be announced by the end of April. Projects should aim for completion by 12 June 2017.

For more information, please contact Adam Pugh, Writers’ Centre Norwich: adam.pugh@writerscentrenorwich.org.uk