Ágnes Székely

Studying to become a cross-cultural super-hero


I have always found it fascinating how people of different geographical or social backgrounds may express themselves in completely different, yet equally systematic, logical and valid ways. I probably would have wanted to study to become a cross-cultural super-hero, but due to the number of courses advertised (none), I have contented myself with trying to do my best to be able to award the imaginary title to myself.

Summary of Work

I investigated the educational situation of Roma children, worked as an International Communication Officer, took active part in an educational project for socially disadvantaged adults and designed and conducted non-traditional EFL courses with the aim of challenging stereotypical views of languages and language learning. My love of reading and writing inspired me to translate several books and films and I gained an excellent reputation with a young generation of film directors.

Summary of work to develop

I believe, it is the responsibility of us, who were privileged or lucky enough to be able to use literature as a tool to create connections across boundaries, to contribute to the development and delivery of literary educational programmes. I passionately want to do that, no matter what size or format.

Contact details

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Skype: agisz6