Anna Jean Hughes

Founder and Publisher at The Pigeonhole, Editor-in-Chief at Hyphae Books

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Anna has now been working in the publishing industry for longer than she hasn’t. There was a brief fling with the Erotic Review, a minor assignation with Condé Nast and a long and complicated relationship with Random House. She then swapped sides and went to see how the other half lived at Peter Fraser & Dunlop, before jacking in traditional methods and going rogue with The Pigeonhole.

In 2015 she was named a Rising Star and shortlisted as Digital Achiever of the Year.

She is actually rather disgusted by pigeons.

In 2017 she launched Hyphae Books to connect authors to their perfect editor.

Summary of work

I have spent the past three years working on creating a global reading app in attempt to bridge the gap between authors and their audiences. After months (and months) of hard graft we are now the only digital reading app that launches serialised books with an integrated commenting system. We are now working with large corporates to create book clubs within their companies as part of their health & wellbeing drives, and to encourage learning. Next up I am launching Hyphae Books, a handpicked editorial site which works with authors to polish their work while matching them to the perfect publishing professional for the next step in their book’s journey.

Summary of work to develop

My future is looking two-pronged. I’m keen to utilise the highly adaptable tech that we have created for The Pigeonhole. We are able to create an enhanced serialised launch and deliver it to public or private groups across the planet. So wherever there is a desire for a digital book club, there should be The Pigeonhole. As for Hyphae Books, I want it to become the go-to place for accomplished new authors to find one-to-one editorial support as the first step in submitting to agents/publishers. The aim would be to offer informal matchmaking as part of the service. 

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